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Q: Why aren't there a lot of listings?
A: I don't go outside a lot. Do you think I purposefully go out searching for friends? Quality over quantity, buddy.

Q: Are those their real names?
A: No. You'll never find these cats.

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Shorthair Black & White Male
First Encounter: 8/21/2019
Encounter Count: 17
Belly-vulnerability: off-the-charts. We are an inseperable duo.

On an August morning, Pongbo crossed paths with me on my way to the bus stop. To this day, I still find him around and he continues to accompany me with his unconditional friendship. What a cat! Most of our activities really consist of laying in the middle of sidewalks and chasing bugs.

Gray Tabby Male
First Encounter: 10/24/2020
Encounter Count: 3
Antics: Far from mediocre. This motherfucker untied my shoe.

He's very touchy and doesn't understand personal space. He once walked into my garage and rested in my lap for half an hour before leaving. Maybe next time he comes back, I can let him inside. His skin is soft.

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