What I Hate About Pokemon.

The franchise is nothing more than a low-hanging cashgrab tarnished by Gamefreak's tonedeaf approach to appealing to nostalgia (it's been years since I've seen a genuinely creative Pokemon design, and the only one I actually like from generation 8 is Toxtricity.) Gamefreak sure loves exploiting manchildren just like me!

Pokemon really only worked out for less-versatile consoles considering its basic battle system and the fact that you have to grind a little to advance (I wear my bias on my sleeve, I typically hate these types of games.) It's probably why Sword and Shield felt (and was) boring, hyped up for a recycled turn-based RPG on a console that isn't exactly as personal as the Gameboy or DS. The only thing that kept me around, was the variety of collectable Pokemon and the personality of each one.

Because I hate Pokemon with all my heart, I've played Soulsilver, PD plus Platinum, Pokemon Rangers (which is in fact my introduction to Pokemon), Ultra Moon, Shield aaaand you could probably slide in just a couple of hours on GSC because of the classroom Gameboy in daycare, since that totally counts. Let's ignore anything that was released beyond 2013 for now. I personally favor generations IV and V, and my opinion is definitely more right than yours. I sure play a fair game.

Cagey's Favorite Types

My favorite types have a bit of aesthetic bias, but I really like dragon types, ghost types, dark types and electric types. Electric types served some of the best flashy designs, and I love the cute sinister smiles of ghost types like Banette, Mimikyu, and Gengar (ha, original.) The remaining couple types on the other hand interest me in ways that aren't exclusive to the Pokemon world: all dragon types have a raw, beastial element to their characters that I adore, and dark types embody dark themes the best through a moves, whether that be explicit violence from moves like Crunch and Throat Chop, or manipulative trickster shit from moves like Fake Tears and Taunt. Man, that's cool!