Alot of my work is inspired by the music I enjoy. When people ask me "KG, what do you listen to?" I go: "Haha, I know you don't actually wanna know."

So to save time, I just hand them a shameless plug to this site so that they can go discover on their own.

Music is my scrapbook of magazine and napkin post-its from the bowling alley held together with saliva and thin glue strips. It's a capsule that people can make out and maybe relate to their own configurations, but its presentations will only ever really make sense to someone with the likes of myself. Music makes me feel less like a tourist in Earth's giftshop.
Comin' straight from my mp3 player.

Hey, if you end up liking what you hear, just keep the page on another tab and let the music loop in the background.

Well. What music are you into.

I like bass. I like drums too. Therefore I like drum n' bass.

[P] Breakcore (New!)

A flavor of music that empowers the experimental control of everchanging noise that you would never expect to hear in an actual song. While most of the chops are often recognized from the amen break sample, breakcore can refer to creative works that feature all sorts of auditory chops from drum to vocals. It's the wild west of music. Anything goes with this intelligent genre. I think it's really hard to get bored with breakcore music.

Mixed bag as it's a genre of interest, but a change of pace for my typical music tastes. I'm more likely going to listen to any of these songs if I want to pretend like the world is after me and I am the warm little center it revolves around.

Gabber is a UK root classic. Usually for Old-Skool gabber by itself as a genre, the tracks sound the same after 6 songs except every track has a different vocal loop. Most of the time, good producers will combine supporting genres to keep it fresh, but the heavy kickbass is still the main focus of the track.

[P] Garage

Is it so wrong to feel a little cheesy?

I have a music player collection, which can be read about on KGCL Viewer.
This site is ANTI-MTV.