Welcome To My World!

Alot of my work is inspired by the music I enjoy (you can probably tell just by skimming through each directory of OR if you enabled autoplay.) The name of this section isn't a joke either; these are all songs that I listen to on my MP3 player! I wanted to keep this section around so that when people ask me "Cagey, what do you listen to?" I can just send 'em over to here. Check it.

Lapfox Music SOAD blumchen bauhaus

I like bass. I like drums too. Therefore I like drum n' bass. One of the most flexible genres, and pretty much fits any mood I'm in. It's also the only genre that's been keeping me interested in searching for additions to my playlist because there's always something new people can do with a kick, a snare, and an amen break sample.


  • Hive
  • Technical Itch
  • Ed Rush

Is it so wrong to feel a little cheesy? Give a little love to the house genre.


  • Delinquent
  • A bunch of other artists that I don't really care to learn the names of. Who cares, I'm here for what sounds good!

Collection of stuff that your parents probably listened to at one point, or tunes that that one guy at the cafeteria wouldn't shut up about and they grew onto you. You might be more familiar of these selections than from the other genres.


  • The Cure
  • Pixies
  • GG Allin

The reference device - a MUVO MP3 Player.