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Anime is a medium that became popularized in the 1960s typically created in Japan, and can be referred to by its endless styles or origin of broadcasted animated content on Japanese television depending where you are. While anime has a grip on the hopeless, there's no doubt that even the most disjointed and fantastical of realities can behold such a strong connection to the real world through emulating empathy. If it wasn't the case, anime culture wouldn't have such the cult following as it does these days. The world wants hope again.

Manga Library is an extension to my life as an "anime-loving" hermit.
Consumption logs on the right-hand area are pretty much a mixed bag of rants and reviews. In most cases, anything noteworthy enough might have their own customized logs called E-SHRINES that go in depth about Cagey's history with it and experiences, but still maintain a critical angle.

If you have any feedback, feel free to sign my guestbook. I will probably read what you have to say, but won't listen anyway.

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i've given up to the pathetic angle of my lifestyle. my issues with socializing and the outdoors meet through the glory of fiction, a reality tailored to the glorification of suffering and escapism. i so desperately need a world to crave for or i can feel my nerves burn out at my fingertips. i'm obsessed with personality. eventually, i would want to be the protagonist of my own story, just like in an anime.

that's not really possible if i don't even have the drive to leave my own office, so the second best thing is to make it my entire life as a fanboy.

hello. i am cagey and i can't say i really care about anime as a medium but japanese animation is the only form of media that will successfully catch my attention so it's all i really have. i don't get enough enjoyment from what life has to offer other than technology and getting involved in drama. some of my favorite genres in fiction is psychological, horror, fantasy/sci-fi... i guess anything that challenges a counterpart of the real world with a new element through supernatural means or a dark gimmick (it's a pattern i noticed most of my favorite series follow). in contrast, i can't stand romantic stories. fluff is just not my taste.

lots of people don't know this, but i'm actually a very competitive person. i don't own alot of them, but i love video games and even collect handhelds. i especially LOVE multiplayer games! please play with me.

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Pokemon (Documented in 1/30/21)

The franchise is nothing more than a low-hanging cashgrab tarnished by Gamefreak's tonedeaf approach towards appealing to nostalgia (it's been years since I've seen a genuinely creative Pokemon design, and the only one I actually like from generation 8 is Toxtricity.) You see, that sort of thing only works when you keep it at a minimum of four or FAVORABLY TWO games following up the main game/concept, including spin-off games, that have something new to bring to the table (I'd even argue that Pokemon Ranger on the NDS was more fun than the core games).

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