Friday Night Funkin'.

Documented on 2/17/21
Presented by Onionroom

Demo Release Date November 1, 2020
Genre Rhythm game
Platform Itch-io and Newgrounds.
Number of Players Single-player
Rating Teen Rating

Friday Night Funkin' is a 2020 rhythm game currently in development created by NINJAMUFFIN99, PHANTOMARCADE, KAWAISPRITE, and EVILSK8R. As someone who grew up on flash games and especially Newgrounds, this game is probably one of my top favorites as of writing this.

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You stand stage-left, beneath a shadow meters away shielding you from the hot spotlights of the stage. You just challenged your chick's father to a beebop-bapbattle, a culturally common process in Philly between boyfriends and opposing fathers (trust me on this one). Your voice's echo runs along the corners of the auditorium, and finally the silence ends with the beginning noteset of a lyrical rivalry between future son-in-law and Daddy Dearest for the sake of her.

FreshPicoPhillyBlammedSatin PantiesMilfThornsGunsStress

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The Full-Ass Synopsis

I. Game Story

The premise is simple: you are introduced as the boyfriend of a sing-off hostess, but her parents kinda wanna kill you. However, not even Moses's fatass can keep you from scoring that totally cute brunette chick. If you never got the chance to play rhythm games like Dance Dance Revolution because arcades were never in your reach, Friday Night Funkin' is perfect for beginners new to the stepchart scene. This girl's dad may not like you, but there's a chance you can prove yourself worthy with the power of music, love, and intense beebop-bapbattling. Better start polishing those eye-hand coordination skills, kid!

II. Bringing the Message of Newgrounds Back Into 2021.

Friday Night Funkin' has a pretty wide range of difficulties each "Week"... to an amateur. To be honest, this game is probably not for anyone who's seeking for a challenge. In fact, the REAL appeal of Friday Night Funkin' is the passion for creation amongst both the developers and the community. You'd probably recognize this when you figure out the few NG cameos made just a few levels in (Pico made his comeback from the dead and is THRIVING on the web 2.0, can you believe it?) Even before the release of a full game, a community of "modders" sprouted and everyone wants to insert themselves into this world. You could even call this game the embodiment of "Everything by Everyone."

III. Recognizing Nostalgia's Melody

If you're a frequent rhythm gamer AND a Newgrounds fanboy, then this is just right up your alley. Gameplay-wise, you'll notice rather than hitting notesets to a variety of instruments, you're just following the lead (literally!) And as you fully immerse yourself to the many flavors of Friday Night Funkin's OST (shout-out to Isaac) and vocalize with your girlfriend's hot mom, you'll begin to follow the music and feel like you're actually dueting with real genuine personalities. If the charming chibi-style didn't totally win your heart, I know for sure the soundtrack did.

Play the demo here!
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