Lightning Round "Things I Hate" List
Candy gore.

I hate this type of art. It's removing the best part about gore art. Artists decide the raw yellow fat and the swollen purple organs are better off with a sanitized pastel blue set of smooth intestines and no fat at all. Gore art is better off with no tears or flaws from the skin down to the innards, gore art is better off with a smooth pure white ribcage and a clean quote unquote gutting. Is it even possible to be a butcher-rack barbie.

Studio Ghibli. Hayao Miyazaki movies.

Putting pretty colors on a screen does not make up for the plot. Totoro bored me.

That one flavor of emo band.

I've felt bad for outcasts who couldn't adapt as quickly to the schoolgrounds before. But then I talked to the one who listened to Fallout Boy and Linkin Park and I knew what it means to make the same song format about being a reasonable amount of not-okay and selling it off as separate songs. The vocals for this type a' music is also usually kinda unbearable for the most disappointing lyrics I've ever personally read.

Pick up Duster, or even Pixies. Something.

Hyper-conservative American anti-feminist dudebros.

I don't think they know that they'll never get invited to parties if they keep trying to debunk everything beyond their mental capacity because they're so loyally cynical. I don't know. You would think people grew out of that phase in middle school.

As for the hyper-conservative American anti-feminist dudebros posing as CENTRISTS... they're also just as annoying, but just spineless as fuck ww.

"Punks," "goths," you-name-its. Wannabe or not.

Every school has its wannabe hard-asses who's probably never actually seen a human death outside of the formalities of funerals to constrast with real living. What it means to live deliberately. I meet them. I met several just like them. Like every piece of white plastic planted from the same flesh and sentiments as your fellow quote on quote "preps" but sharpied out in black, donning patches of every obligatory metal band in the limelight of mall-merchandise, oh, but they're special because they have a personal vendetta against petty hall monitors and the authorities. Big deal. So do I.

"If you weren't so poor, what would your alternative style be like?" Who asks that? This was an actual question I've gotten before, by the way. I never even mentioned my budget.

The arguments with these people always end in one way. It really shows you how spineless they actually are from what they advertise. The first thing they beg is the last thing an actual fulltime menace to society would beg to defend themselves. "If you do this or that, you only make people look like a joke." You care about what others think? Are you worried about that? Just admit that "it's complicated," charmer. These people who call themselves deviants. Yeah right. They would snap at people like me for not being the right type of deviant. I'm too mean, they said. I snap back.

Spoken about these specimens before in their own post, but this is about experiences I personally had. Are they posers? Who cares. I don't. That's something that they worry about. All I know is that they don't like me just like every other person, of every lifestyle.

Tim Burton Movies.

I get that his style used to be unique and all with the pop cultural relevance of Jack Skellington and scene girl hoodies, but I'm tired of seeing the same plotline with Johnny Depp and Helena Carter in every cast-picking. I'm tired of pretending they're good. They're all what I would expect.

My school experience.

From the staff to my peers. Everytime I get caught outside the cafeteria premises during the half hour you make eye to eye with the oinker stuffing his face with cardboard pizza I feel... let's leave it at "I feel violent." I even formed routes and routines on how to avoid the APs over the years so that I could get my personal errands done with no delay. Don't even get me started with the people! I used to be everyone's "someone" that would wave to you in the halls, but now I'm pretty sure I have a reservation on the Nerd Club's hitlist. Whatever. They all had bad tastes in anime.

"Dr." Phil.

A dishonest POS who picks fights with vulnerable people just to get off on it. What a corporate cunt! This egghead who doesn't even have a PHD sure loves to pose and promenade his lawgicalness to juxtapose his showmeat. What else can you expect from TV talk shows that use real people's real lives? Refer to Shelley Duvall.

Chicken Alfredo.

I can't stand eating any sort of pasta with chicken alfredo sauce on it now. I spent an entire day vomiting after eating half a tin of chicken alfredo. I forgot that I actually ordered the pasta 2 days ago and it expired in the microwave I left it in, but it's not my fault for having bad memory!