Ever since my first collection of music players, my thrifting luck has worn down— every single GoodWill and thrift store is completely barren of any mp3 or cassette player... I'm not actually that upset about it, because I actually feel much better about having just a few devices to choose to listen from everyday. It's much lighter on the mind. But of course a legacy has to continue after my shelf-stacking's genesis has ended. Lately, I've been about expanding a brand new hoard from the same harvest...

On 11/7/2021, I started a DVD collection of my favorite movies. I've already made a trip to Goodwill and found my favorite PJ ensemble; A "Post Mendi" shirt made from crafts store fast-fashion and a pair of plaid A&M pants (I ended up wearing the damn sweats the entire week to school, haha.) On my second trip to a separate Goodwill, I finally found the Fight Club DVD complete with its case and chapterlist. It's got nothing to do with any bragging rights to quote on quote "vintage shit." I needed it to see all the 4 commentary extras for Fight Club. And then I found One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Head. And then I found Shaun of the Dead. And so, birthed was a new interest in DVDs.

Haul from 11/7/2021:

Fight Club DVD from the front

The extras included in FC are all versions of the same movie, but layered with the narration of either the main faces of the cast, the author (Chuck P.), the director, and the people behind the outfits/backgrounds/any of the design productions you see throughout the film. It's probably not anything you haven't seen online, but it's super entertaining to hear a piece a' movie trivia come from Edward Norton himself. In fact I had a blast watching the movie 4 times straight. 5 times if you include the day I nominated Fight Club to be the next watch on the group chat Movie Night like the FC super-fan I am.

The other two movies I found was Shaun of the Dead and One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Head. I don't really have much to say except that I like Jack Nicholson.