I've been a part of many discussions about the state of goth culture in 2021. In response to my short article regarding Neocities, I make a small mention of trendies meddling in the NC community. CelebrityMonkey sent in the following letter:

"I think that one of the things that prompted me to message you about it [Neocities] is I was doing my usual tag filtering, searching for more goth people to talk to and possibly be friends with on Neocities, but most 'goth' blogs are just... edgy people looking for more reach. It's people who don't care about the music (and i don't mean to sound like an elitist gatekeeper but... there is a reason goth is an actual subculture and not a type of halloween costume) and never have, and you don't even have to only subject yourself and cage yourself in with goth music! Just at least be somewhat interested in it. It just reminded me of the half-hearted Neocities sites lying around everywhere, and I'm sure that Geocities suffered from this as well, considering a lot of people didn't have much experience with making websites before, but it's sad to see."

After that, they ask to join our site-rating list (which I haven't gotten around to doing the ones for the last 3 people who asked to join.) CM does make a great point with the way that a majority of self-proclaimed goth blogs have seem to forget what it goth even means, and whether the music or the label even matters.

I replied back to CM with the following:

"Let me tell you, even self-proclaimed goths and emos can turn out to be the most superficial of people, and its essentially the same thing you pick up from when you connect with beginner webmasters in this day and age."

Keep your materialism out of Goth.

Dear reader, tell me what's more badass: handling the direction of your own life, or conforming to an even smaller standard of discount freaks? Really, why would anyone be so worried about how much Goth can seep from their fishnet wedgies and sponge-thick platforms? I worry about the world's ability to give a shit about expression, because now the only thing anyone can muster up to describe what Goth is about is just the music. Run your own moral code rather than succumbing to the cosmetic standards of Goth or Emo subcultures. I swear that everytime I meet someone who remotely has good impression on me and a several goth/punk undertones, they end up liking the lamest of rock bands that slipped into the limelight of a fad. And I don't even fucking care about shit like that; some of my favorite songs are mainstream! Talk about ripping straight from their FriendProject idol's spotify list, because I swear these sorts of people are molding my brain into another person.

The goth situation is far more than just the collection of CDs or records you own, and more than the $200 worths chain related accessories you can pin onto your pants or boots. These songs you listen to and each article of your alternative wardrobe are nothing but the voicings of others' desires that you consume and ride on. Last time I checked, the entire design of alternative fashion was that everything was DIY and scavenged, yet consumerism is pretty much a piece of the alternative experience and I've never seen anything else more obsessive about keeping up with the world of fashion as the white teenage girls rocking demonias and bunny hats. These are almost DEFINITELY the same people who have a music taste about as consistent as the color of their hair every week.

I'm losing faith in the selection of people who we can actually look up to. What's new.

Go tell CelebrityMonkey your thoughts.

- Cagey