Everyone in the Neocities community joined through a single agreement: social media is fucking limited. This is especially relevant, with the recent updates of platforms like the brutal algorithm of Instagram.

I think there's a loss of honesty in mainstream culture, where rule's "if everyone's using it, why aren't you?" In a niche community like Neocities, what other reason do you have to use Neocities for other than what it was created to do? It has social media aspects, but its used as a tool to share your creations rather than the crutch of the platform. It's honestly why the community promotes free speech and expression more than any other smaller platform yet I've only had a FEW encounters with dedicated trolls larping as pedophiles and far-right freaks (using "dedicated" loosely, these profiles are usually slapped together with minimal HTML knowledge and all it takes is lolicon bait to set people off and their work is done.) Anything that requires effort is repellent to opportunists so of course Neocities is successful in its goals to revive Geocities while far from breeding a destructive community. One of my favorite quotes from the creator of Neocities himself goes like this:

"The newer social networks which is sort of like, Twitter, where you sign up and instead of like megabytes and megabytes of space to do whatever you want, it's like, tiny little text box. But instead of getting like, 100 acres of land, instead you get a Stasi apartment. You know, like a tiny little like, Soviet Union apartment block- it's made out of just.. sad concrete. You're in this room that's like 100 square feet or something."

So fucking true, Kyle Drake. The guy knows what he's talking about, doing the MOST to conserve the old concepts of Geocities and taking back the Internet for those who still care. You'd think the minimalism at least FORCES people to pick apart what golden crumbs they can scavenge from the boring white palettes of neo-web, but microblogging is just so easy to consume that you could do it for hours rather than spending it on just a single person. It's pretty looked down upon to be popular for no reason, and honestly we should keep it that way.

There was a small spike in popularity for Neocities. This would probably be fine by me if the crowd wasn't conditioned by the way Twitter and Instagram operates, because now there's more meta-bullshit "90's kid" websites than there are those with personalities excluding being an NC user. I'm all for NC pride, but why would anyone would want to keep a page if they have nothing to share with the world other than for the sake of having one is nothing but same shit that comes from the awful dependence of fads on the Neo-Web (and I DO NOT like seeing Neocities becoming a victim to it.) Do you know how many pages I've come across that are always under construction and are pretty much ONLY "about me" pages for the webmaster? You might as well just keep your stupid Twitter account because all it does is just clog up the tags!
Barf! How annoying.

- Cagey

Want more? Take a listen to this interview with the creator of Neocities, Kyle Drake. He says anime as "aw-nime" a couple times, which is kinda funny.