About Cagey!
I am K.G. #472.

My name is Cagey. I was born on December 2003, making me a Sagittarius. I'm a psychic (XNTP-A 8W7), and a passionate supporter of escapism and scarification. Since you're so interested in what I'm about, theres only really one thing to know: I am a self-proclaimed recluse.

I'm definitely what someone would call a loser; a shut-in, an asocial freak... a "hikikomori is a fitting term most are familiar with. I am a significantly obsessive person, since I pretty much have a shameless habit of putting hours into something I'm interested in. It even stems out to people-watching at mall foodcourts, or little hobbies like video games, writing, music, or coding! So unless youre talking about something I'm really into, you wont get a syllable out of me.

I grew up playing Nintendo and Sega games, and still have a few memorable favorites sitting in my cartridge case like Pokemon Platinum, a couple Sonic games, Izuna the Unemployed Ninja, Warioware, and the list goes on. I also have a strong passion for rhythm games, even if I'm not good at them. With Legend of Zelda being a part of my childhood, around my late elementary years I got extremely attached to an LOZ rip-off MMO series, Graal. In fact, Zone was the very first place I had any sort of familiarity with HTML tags from coding statuses, until I eventually moved onto stamp-collecting and profile-decorating on Deviantart, before they completely fucked the site over with Wix. I was fairly active on Animal Jam too, because I am in fact a *huge* furry in case the Deviantart bit didn't give it away.

I was surprised to hear I come off as intimidating by some. I cant change that, but I'm willing to keep all gates of contact open to others. I like making friends too y'know.

I am currently learning German, and aspiring to become a programmer.

. . .

Thanks for taking the time to read about me. Scroll a little below, you'll get to know a little about what goes on in my headspace.

I have an intense fear of camera documentation. I often make an effort to not go outside since being recorded is pretty inescapable (though with the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, public appearances have been easier to manage with the privacy and cramped style of face-masks.) I also don't like phone calls since I can't speak, and even then I don't enjoy the idea of my voice being potentially distributed so I avoid talking overall. The Internet makes it easier to post my opinions due to this extreme anxiety. If you plan on talking to me, don't be afraid to because I have alot to say most of the time as my daily life limits me from doing so. I can be your friend in the screen.

General Likes:

+ Cramped spaces & disruption. My sleeping conditions usually call for background noise like rain or noisy places, and I actually have trouble sleeping if my head isn't pressured under a pillow and against the bedframe (of course, I like sleeping in the corner or near the wall.) Cabinets and closets are also nice places to sleep in.

+ Eggs. Affordable, and is pretty much the breakfast potato; you can boil it and take it to school if you leave the house a couple minutes late, or you can enjoy it salted and peppered sunny-side up on a Saturday morning. I especially like eggs in ramen.

+ Airports. They're noisy and crowded throughout the day, and let you sleep on the benches overnight. I like seeing people rush around.

+ Pseudo-3D rendered games/aesthetics (90's Doom, Woldenstein 3d, Soup 0.9.)

+ Liminal spaces. Empty mall playgrounds and apartments in particular.

+ 2-5ml empty perfume sample vials.

+ UK rap paired with DNB production.

+ Sociology & psychology

+ Hanna-Barbera SFX.

+ Chewing on ice.

+ Cute things.

I've always relied on patterns to convey my emotions correctly since I'm terrible in social situations. Sometimes, I even get a little frustrated when things don't go my way so I may even sacrifice a little honesty on my end to get what I want; I'm not a bad person though, because I ultimately desire cooperation. I don't ask alot from this world. I may operate differently, but it's not a disability.

If I choose to live in the same complex as my peers, I have no issue being the good person I should be. It doesn't change the fact that morality is all based on the harm you bring. Harm... harm to myself? Harm to my surroundings? If I harm myself, is it really such a loss or is everyone scared of spoiling themselves and taking in my influence? Hm. Well, I love influence, and I like attention.

I've lost any initiative for my future. Splitting the vessel I am from the drive that became me, I've discovered my self as the embodiment of indulgence- the blind worth and impulsivity in everyone, squeezed into me. Selfishness is no binary to the law of morals, but my fuel. As the raw concept I am paired with my harmless vessel, I won't go out of my way to be "selfish for the sake of it" as that would go against the raw concept I am. THAT is selfishness. I may be greed, but it doesn't impair my ability to weigh my choices. Selfishness is a fuel.

I wouldn't say my discovery is like, claim of a higher throne. I'd actually consider myself for the most part an average person, if not just conscious enough to never worry about what I don't know.


Why can't people be more like me?

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