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Occupation:High School Student
Ethnicity:Proudly Vietnamese!
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Cramped spaces. My sleeping conditions usually call for background noise like rain or noisy places, and I actually have trouble sleeping if my head isn't pressured under a pillow and up on the bedframe (of course, I like sleeping in the corner or near the wall.) Cabinets and closets are also nice places to sleep in.

Eggs. Affordable, and is pretty much the breakfast potato; you can boil it and take it to school if you leave the house a couple minutes late, or you can enjoy it salted and peppered sunny-side up on a Saturday morning. I especially like eggs in ramen. Pesto grilled cheese sandwiches and drumstick cartilage are also my favorite things to eat.

Airports. They're noisy and crowded throughout the day, and let you sleep on the benches overnight. I like seeing people rush around.

Cute things. I own all sorts of "girly" japanese paraphernalia from portable fans to stationary. Some of my favorite images to look at are shelved japanese/vietnamese drinks and anime art of people carrying groceries. I'm not very open about my sanrio pencil cases in real life though.

My name is KG. I like to write about mundane things. I've been running Onionroom since 2018, mostly sharing personal discoveries in return that other people think my experiences are as cool as I find them. You know, the kind of thing you'd expect from a personal HP. I aspire to stay as mindless as I am today.

I began getting more involved into music (more specifically, old-skool rave and jungle!) around the beginning of high-school, and I even sketch out tracks from time to time on LMMS and post them on Newgrounds. They're not that incredible, but they're pretty good for a guy that knows jack about music. Besides the great days of listening to Brisk & Ham, Hive, and a bunch of Mungyodance tracks, my schooling years were bleak besides finding out one of the staple clothing to my wardrobe: baggy hiking pants (I have a soft spot for 90's rave pants and other baggy attire.)

In gradeschool I stole some kid's Ocarina of Time cartridge and although I'm not the biggest fan of LOZ, I had a personal affinity for LOZ and I got extremely attached to Graal, a rip-off MMO series of Link to the Past. I spent alot of time on forums figuring out art programs when I found out about a unique game feature that allows players to upload custom templates for their avatars. I learned alot of software tricks with Gimp just to insert my own uncool 10-year-old fantasy OCs into my favorite game, and my 4-year presence in Graal:Zone sparked the sentiments that now has its own URL: documentation.

Gimp is my main software for all things photo-altering, by the way.

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Message from Cagey: I'm on the lookout for some new friends. The days aren't treating me well, so hopefully someone out there can reach out to me.

Thank you! Contact me @ onionroom@protonmail.com