My pen name is Cagey. I've been running Onionroom since 2018, mostly sharing personal discoveries in return that other people think my experiences are as cool as I find them. You, know, the kind of thing you'd expect from a personal HP. I am also currently learning German, and I aspire to stay as mindless as I am today.

I began getting more involved into music (more specifically, old-skool rave and jungle!) around the beginning of high-school, and I even sketch out tracks from time to time on LMMS and post them on Newgrounds. They're not that mold-breaking, but they're pretty good for a guy that knows jack about music. Besides the great days of listening to Brisk & Ham, Hive, and a bunch of Mungyodance tracks, my schooling years were bleak besides finding out one of the staple clothing to my wardrobe: baggy hiking pants (I have a soft spot for 90's rave pants and other baggy attire.)

I grew up playing Nintendo and Sega games, and still have a few memorable favorites sitting in my cartridge case. In gradeschool I stole some kid's Ocarina of Time cartridge and although I'm not the biggest fan of LOZ, I had a personal affinity for LOZ and I got extremely attached to Graal, a rip-off MMO series of Link to the Past. I spent alot of time on forums figuring out art programs when I found out about a unique game feature that allows players to upload custom templates for their avatars. I learned alot of software tricks with Gimp just to insert my own uncool 10-year-old fantasy OCs into my favorite game, and my 4-year presence in Graal:Zone sparked the sentiments that now has its own URL. Huh, I guess writing really is my forte.

Gimp is my main software for all things photo-altering, by the way.
Occupation:Highschool student & a full-time freeloader.
Favorite Movies

General Likes:

+ Cramped spaces. My sleeping conditions usually call for background noise like rain or noisy places, and I actually have trouble sleeping if my head isn't pressured under a pillow and up on the bedframe (of course, I like sleeping in the corner or near the wall.) Cabinets and closets are also nice places to sleep in.

+ Eggs. Affordable, and is pretty much the breakfast potato; you can boil it and take it to school if you leave the house a couple minutes late, or you can enjoy it salted and peppered sunny-side up on a Saturday morning. I especially like eggs in ramen.

+ Airports. They're noisy and crowded throughout the day, and let you sleep on the benches overnight. I like seeing people rush around.

+ Pseudo-3D rendered games/aesthetics (90's Doom, Petscop, Soup 0.9.)

+ Pesto grilled cheese sandwiches. They just melt in your mouth!

+ Drum n' bass and jungle. It's a genre that takes up half of my player's files, and I'll betcha $200 that DNB is playing right now!

+ JNCO. I don't usually have favorite brands, but I love baggy jeans.

+ Picking blackberry bushes on the road in Washington.

+ Hanna-Barbera SFX.

Kniteforce The Cure Dj Ham
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