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It's dark and the only source of light here is a monitor on top of a playroom stool. If you look closely, you might even notice the walls have green, flaky veins that run to the floor. You didn't think you could take the abuse of a silent room, and you didn't even think your callused thumb could either. The last thing you heard before logging onto the computer were the tiles crunching under your feet. The last thing you felt outside of your isolation were your wet socks. What do you have left but the bittersweet sense of belonging?

Chapter I. The Importance of Onions.

Onions are sort of a symbolic object of nostalgia to me. They can be left in a room-temperature basket for months, and they're pretty flexible foods. They're often the last impression you get from a meal, whether it's because they leave a nasty aftertaste, or they are one of the many staples to a good American burger. The last smell I would remember every day though was the smell of onions from Grandma's couch. ONION ROOM serves as a "me" archive, nothing more to it.

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Manga Library: Obviously, I'm into anime and video games. I also organize my fanpages here. You might have some Cagey lore if you dig around this section, so that's probably a plus for any stalkers out there.

Rants (coming soon!): You don't have to be up close and personal with me to know that I take enjoyment in discourse, but Onion Room is a modest field for sharing with my neighbors; a portal between two worlds.

Journal: Unlike my other writings, the journal is less thought-provoking, and more of a venting space.

About the Webmaster: My name is Cagey. I created and curate everything on this website

I don't wanna spoil my plans for this section, so i gotta hit you with that "THIS SECTION IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION!" Trust me, something's gonna be here. In the meantime, why don't you read some stuff linked to the left? Or drop a message in my G-book to the right. Your choice.
News from KGCL

Joining NetEscape! I've already set a small goal to network with other webmasters, and nothing kicks off the spread of my work better than participating in a webring! Go say hi to my neighbors in NetEscape, with all good intentions from OR.

+ New Update Log
+ Homepage Layout Revision
+ KGCL Repurposed

Hey, guess it's about time I checked in. Before I address a couple recent updates (you may have caught them already), apologies for being on and off with the site. These past months I've been receiving G-book feedback and E-Mails from fans of the site. I can't stress enough how genuinely impressed I am in myself to create something that would gain somewhat a resemblance of an audience (well, I have no idea how many people keep up with OR but I'm just assuming from the fact that anyone took the time out of their day to E-mail me to praise my work.) I've gotten my ego fill for the week. Anyway, "What's new?"

An Update Log! Yep, the one you're reading right now.
I've had one implemented here before, but I was sort of conflicted on whether it was worth keeping up with one since all the magic-breaking about OR's development stays within the Neocities community (most of my audience resides there.) Despite that, there are people who aren't too into web-design themselves and are just here to watch a man go on deranged rants about his boring life, but just like finding out what's new without having to hunt for new content. So here you go.

Layout changes!
First off, I've fixed up the layout a bit, but don't let the exterior fool you; I KNOW it looks essentially like the previous layout. Before, a majority of homepage was running through scripts and I thought "You know what? Scripts are lame and nobody should have to deal with them." That's all, just behind-the-scenes shit to keep the page javascript-free for those who use blockers but have no way of knowing how to contact me.

Repurposing the Blog. The blog was in such a weird place when I first created it, especially since I haven't updated it in forever and I even have a journal for all personal life writings. From now on, all content under "Blog" is COMPLETELY site-development related; updates, read from the front page. More activity coming soon.

- Signed, Cagey

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