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It's dark and the only source of light here is a monitor on top of a playroom stool. If you look closely, you might even notice the walls have green, juicy veins that run to the floor. You didn't think you could take the abuse of a silent room, and you didn't even think your callused thumb could either. The last thing you heard before logging onto the computer were the tiles crunching under your feet. The last thing you felt outside of your isolation were your wet socks. What do you have left but the bittersweet sense of belonging?

Chapter I. The Importance of Onions.

Onions are sort of a symbolic object of nostalgia to me. They can be left in a room-temperature basket for months, and they're pretty flexible foods. They're often the last impression you get from a meal, whether it's because they leave a nasty aftertaste, or they are one of the many staples to a good meal. The last smell I would remember every day though was the smell of onions from my Grandma's couch. Do you have a smell that reminds you of a comfortable time? ONION ROOM serves as a "me" archive, nothing more to it.

“If I could wake up in a different place, at a different time, could I wake up as a different person?”

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KGCL Viewer: You don't have to be up close and personal with me to know that I take enjoyment in discourse, but Onion Room is a modest field for sharing with my neighbors; a portal between two worlds. Also, check KGCL Viewer for website related logs.

Manga Library: Obviously, I'm into anime and video games. I also keep my fanpages here. You might have some Cagey lore if you dig around this section, so that's probably a plus for any stalkers out there.

Cagey's MP3 Player: Like the music around Onionroom? We have several playlists to recommend you straight from my own MP3 Player full of oldskool favorites and recent bangers of the same flavor.

About the Creator of OnionRoom: My name is Cagey. I created and curate everything on this website

Dear Vidya Game Dorks: Which of the selection do you like the most?
Office Walkthrough
A diagram of Cagey's office, entirely labeled.

1: My all-in-one Dell desktop computer. This website wouldn't be if it wasn't for the office it was built in for several nights.

2: I carry roach spray every time I leave the room, because one time a cockroach ended up escaping the room from a crack in the lightswitch shell. I should really stop eating in the same space I do about pretty much everything else I do...

3: My Akai MPK Mini. It makes a really good paperweight.

4: It gets so hot in this room that my sweat starts to erode the leather chair that I'm sitting in. Thankfully, my chargeable fan just pushes its dues a little further.

5: My companions to substitute what little friends I have. Yeah.

6: A memory adapter for pirating games on the Nintendo DS.

7: My drawing tablet.

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