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Hello. You've stumbled into a domain of my creation and present control. However, a realm under my direction rules the comforting impression of childish escapism.

The Internet has had a big impact on my life. My fascination began from the small features of computers, such as art programs and emoticon charts from my mom's messenger client. Years later I explored the internet, stretching my interests to an appreciation for the connections I've made on the WWW and the new hobbies I've picked up (like coding!) ONION ROOM serves as a love letter to cyberspace and in essence, a "me" archive. And you, websurfer, have access to my projects on the lefthand corner with nothing but a click. I would like it if you called me Cagey (kay-jee). Welcome to my internet project.

Understand it's just my job to monitor you at all times. You are valued as an ONION ROOM product. Please, understand that I love you.

About the Webmaster: This site is a product of my "hikikomori status." I am a significantly obsessive person, since I pretty much have a shameless habit of putting hours into something I'm interested in. It even stems out to people-watching at mall foodcourts, or little hobbies like video games, writing, music, or coding! So unless youre talking about something I'm really into, you wont get a syllable out of me. I actually prefer to leave the house than stay inside, but it's mostly due to medical conditions that I'm confined in my cozy, warm office.

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Blog: You don't have to be up close and personal with me to know that I take enjoyment in discourse, but LNL is a modest field for sharing with my neighbors; a portal between two worlds. Hosting a blog is just part of the experience. I like to write about my discoveries around computers, the world, and maybe the human brain.

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Journal: Unlike my blog, the journal is less thought-provoking, and more of a venting space.

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Manga Library: Manga Library is an extension to my life as an "anime-loving" hermit. I write in-depth amateur reviews for all sorts of media, the two main categories being Anime and Video games. I also maintain E-shrines for works which have impacted my life in a way, and I keep them so people can share the same experiences I had with them too. You might also have some Cagey lore if you dig around this section, so that's also a plus for any stalkers out there (my feed may suggest that I don't update the Library so often, but I promise that I always have something in the works.)

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*~ Bookmarks, or Places I Frequent ~*

My favorite pieces of cyberspace history is archived under this section of the project. (When you see the asterisk (*) next to a title, it's a particular favorite of mine.)

Warning: All links open a new window!

* Geocities Restorative Land // "A restored visual gallery of the archived Geocities sites, sorted by neighborhood." // I like to leave on DS gameplay footage on for background noise when I'm working. I also like choreography videos. // Quiz galore for weebs, along with fan-comics or fanart. All those quiz results you see on other neocities pages? Most likely from here.
murderpedia dot com // A 'pedia, but of murderers. Entries contain summaries of the killings from mass homicide to single bodies, and provide basic case information like weapons, dates, current whereabouts, etc. You've had your warning in the site name.
SapaCafe // Unofficial Japanese blog themed around Sapari. It hasn't updated in a long time, but I saved it only because I think the web design is pretty cute. Though, the webmasters have a good dedication in Sapari's history and news if you're so curious 'bout it.
* Boodle Box // Ugh, one of my favorite bookmarks. Given that I'm sort of a fan of the site awards trend, I can't get enough of these tongue-in-cheek graphics. Through its easy navigation, you may also enjoy some (fake) counters, webring listings, and some button compilations of the same quirky sentiment. This description probably makes BB sound more like it deserves a place under webpage assets, but I can't stress enough how much I love this page. It's even, like, kinda the most geocities-neocities page I've ever fucking seen.
*~ Producers That Exist ~*
Shohei Amimori // Producer from Tokyo. He makes music that's good for laying on the floor or eating in cramped spaces.
Bo En // Guy who was popular in 2014 for his album "Pale Machine" and his poppy style of music. His music is good for sitting against the wall.
aaaaaaaaaaaa11111111111111111111111 // I'm not sure who they are. Everything they make hurts my heart.
dead dreams // Mutual who makes breakcore and speedcore. I look up to them. Music is good for choking and spitting up steak chunks over your bedsheets.
.* Mutuals & Close Friends on Neocities *.

For the time I've spent on Neocities, I've met very attractive personalities and made close friends as well. Please save a spot for some of them on your browser history!

Exciting Breeding Journal